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Mr. Rahmi YAĞCI, our Founder and General Manager, was born in Rize in 1933 and has engaged in seamanship since his early life. He his first ships built in 1972 and 1974 and worked as a Shipowner-Master for years. He had the first metal sheet boat in 1980 and purchased a 900 DWT tons ship in 1982.

When YAĞCI Denizcilik (YAĞCI Shipping) was founded in 1990, he continued his activities together with a professional staff institutionally. The company built the ships named MV MUAMMER YAĞCI in 1994, MV SEHER II in 1998, MV MUSTAFA YAĞCI in 2006 and MV RAHMİ YAĞCI in 2022.

Our company is currently providing sea transport services using the 2 ships that it built and other ships chartered. It has been providing regular liner services between Spain, Libya and Egypt ports since 2007.

Yağcı Denizcilik having a long-time accumulated knowledge and experience in shipbuilding is currently continuing to build ships with new projects.

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